Savoy Family Photos

Family Photos

About this time last year, my friends Will and Karly were on a plane to Uganda, Africa to bring their daughters home. After many, many, many months filled with paperwork, case studies, fundraising, saving, praying, and planning – along with a few set backs and surprises – their family was finally brought together forever through adoption.

Family Photos

Besides the overwhelming amount of love that this family has for each other, there were two other really cool things about this photo shoot. First, the session was unintentionally scheduled to take place on National Adoption Day. And second, I had donated a gift certificate for a photo shoot to Will and Karly’s adoption fundraiser and the person who bought it donated it back to the Savoys so that they could have family pictures taken when Hawa and Kamisa came home. How awesome is that?

We had a blast photographing the Savoy family – the joy that this adoption has brought to all four of them was amazing to capture. The girls were full of smiles and laughter and Will and Karly had so much love and pride for their daughters.

To finish off the photo shoot, Hawa and Kamisa changed into their Ugandan dresses. Will and Karly are really great about encouraging the girls to remember and embrace their Ugandan heritage. It was fun to hear Karly using non-American phrases that the girls would have heard in Uganda. For example, instead of saying, “Stand up straight,” she would ask them to, “Stand proper.”

Thanks Savoy Family for such a fun morning. Your family is incredible and it was awesome to get the chance to photograph all of you together!

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