Coffee has always been my thing! I can’t live without it. I’ve tried… and I get a really bad headache. I’m a huge fan of the local Coffee Shops in Phoenix (or anywhere for that matter) and one of my favorites in the East Valley is Sozo Coffee House. I worked there for a year and now it holds a special place in my heart…I know… you’re thinking :::aww how sweet:::. Well, coffee can really soften the soul!


I showed up a few weeks ago to listen to the killer live music and was pleasantly surprised by MaryAnne and Thomas Muglia (check out this rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean). Sozo has been asking me for quite some time to take some photos of the live music, so I finally brought along my camera and captured some perspective from the stage to show just how awesome and packed this place can be.

Sozo_20140719_039 Sozo_20140719_043 Sozo_20140719_031