Joshua Hanson

Hanging Out With My Nephew

I had so much fun playing at the park with my nephew Joshua. He is so cute! I know I may be a little bias, but check out the photos and see this adorable face for  yourself.

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Jamie and Ben

It’s a Boy!

We had such a fun time walking around the Mesa Arts Center and photographing Ben and Jamie, who are due to have a little boy on December 24th!

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Sanctus Real Concert

I went to the Sanctus Real concert last night and it was awesome. The crowd was kind of a tough crowd  but the bands did a great job anyway. Sanctus Real played all the way through their new album titled “Pieces of a Real Heart“. It is an incredible CD with some really meaningful lyrics! Also check out Mocha Club. Not a band but an awesome organization that challenges people to give up two mochas a month and donate the money saved to help provide clean water in africa. Awesome stuff last night and some cool pictures resulted as well.

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